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Chris does most of the mixing out in Switzerland these days and is getting the best results ever. Everything has been streamlined for easy collaboration online. We mix our own work as well as projects sent to us from studios everywhere. We'll even work directly with DIY engineers during your tracking process to ensure the best results from every mix.



Owner and Operator

Hey all. Fogal here. Here's a quick blurb about me and the studio. I started Black in Bluhm in my basement in 2008 after working on and off as a recording engineer for a long time. I dove in balls deep and was lucky to work with a bunch of great talent. After a couple years I teamed up with Dan Fox and we moved into the big space on Colfax! With the help of some great people and a killer music scene we have mostly thrived there. I've learned so much trying to get better at this job and I'm so grateful for the opportunities and support that this community has given me. Of course just as everything was going great my wife and I decided to move to Switzerland! That was 2021. I now live in and work in Switzerland! It’s bonkers! As far as mixing and mastering goes I'm getting the best results of my career out here but man do I miss tracking bands! I'm doing the occasional project back in Denver so get in touch if you wanna give me an excuse to hop on a plane! 



Listen to a variety of mixes from different genres. What, did you think we only do punk rock?



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