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#BluhmNotDoom Part 2

Updated: May 20, 2021

Today our house went on the market. The Swiss move is becoming very real, very quickly! I'm hoping to keep writing about this whole process as I try to keep a studio running here in the states and take on my new role working remotely in Lugano. So far everything is going pretty damn smoothly. Kyle ( new guy ) has been getting lots of session time and is crushing some drum tracking as I type this. We have been making all kinds of improvements and upgrades and have been booked pretty solid. We are still not back to pre-pandemic numbers but can't complain. The challenge now will be to keep up the momentum and make sure that all repeat clients and new ones know that BiB will continue to crank out great mixes and masters after I leave. I have no doubts about it but as an incentive we are going to run a deal for a while starting in mid August. More on that later.

I've been gear shopping for my Swiss set up which will be primarily a mixing and mastering studio to start. This part is fun but also has its challenges. One big one is I haven't been able to see or even get the measurements of the room I will be in. ( fingers crossed for vaulted ceilings ha ) I also have to build something that can be easily torn down and moved after the first year. We will have to move no matter where we end up because of the contract my wife has so I gotta be smart about desk choice, room treatments etc.

We will be experimenting with some cool remote software ( audio movers ) so that if I need to "be here" in the studio I can be, kind of. This will be handy when we are tracking my own band Discomfort Creature for example. I can track my parts out there but also produce the rest of the band in real time and even control the studio DAW from my computer. What a world.

On a personal note it's hard to start letting go of the reigns. I've worked to build this place into what it is since 2008 and I'm leaving at time that promises to be better than ever. I'm not a control "freak" but I think you have to have some of that in your personality to do this kind of thing for a living. This studio is my first baby and I've watched it grow into something that has touched a lot of people's lives and ear holes. It's difficult to process this and sometimes I find myself wondering why the fuck I am leaving such a rad situation. It's gonna be weird but I'm excited to see where it all goes. Buy the ticket, take the ride. I'll keep ya posted. Here's a pic of Joe from False Report tracking drums right now!

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