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Dan Fox, Folks.

Dan Fox


You can read about how Dan and I got started in my bio. It was easy! It was love at first hang! For those of you who don’t know Dan, he’s the guy behind the scenes without whom none of this would be possible. He’s the Hutch to my Starsky, the Oates to my Hall. That’s right Dan, you are clearly Oates in this scenario. Anyways, we have been through some serious shit together and had some seriously good times together. Seriously. Dan’s clear head and weird talent with numbers has helped keep this boat sailing for over 10 years. I honestly can’t imagine Black in Bluhm without his zero fucks, bizzarre sense of humor and relentless positivity. Not to mention his willingness to party at almost any time of day as long as he’s done with his real job. He’s the best business partner and the best of friends a guy could ask for. It only took 8 or 9 years and we finally started a band together, too! Oh, did I forget to mention he slays the drum skins? Well, he does. Here’s another fact. For a while, during the pandemic, he looked exactly like John Snow. True story. If you’ve ever tracked at the studio you know that when Dan Fox shows up to hang it’s gonna mean good vibes. You know what? If you see Dan at the bar you should buy him a shot because without him the Denver scene would not be as rad as it is! Dan Fox, everybody!



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