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The Mastering Process

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

I get mixes from all over the place and sometimes they need very little when it comes to the finished product. I love it when I can make a tiny move that takes an already great mix to the next level. On the other hand if the track needs some love I’m happy to give all the love it takes to get there! Today’s artists have so many options when it comes to mastering. I usually encourage bands to send their mixes out to a few studios for a mastering sample. If my sample wins, great! If not, great! As long as you don’t send it off to some A.I. mastering which in my opinion is a bad choice. There is no way a robot is going to be able to hear if your track is too stale and needs some subtle saturation or automation or even a recall from the mixing engineer because there’s a bad drum edit or something. There are countless reasons why you should use a human with 2 ears and years of experience. That’s where I come in. I want to earn your trust.



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