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A song a day will keep the virus away?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Good morning all! I hope everyone reading this is staying safe and healthy. Since 2019 was pretty crazy for the studio I didn’t make time to do a yearly summary / list of projects like I normally do around the holidays. Here it is the end of March and since many of us seem to have a bit more time to play catch up I thought I would just share a link a day to some actual releases you may have missed. I bet if you take a quick listen to these bands / artists you will find something you like so keep checking back. In no particular order and with zero thought I will start with this song from Versus You. They are a punk band from Luxembourg that most Americans punk fans may not know about. I mixed and mastered this album. Sometimes remote mixing is a blast. Sometimes it can be a headache. This one was a lot of fun and the whole album is great. Enjoy and check back tomorrow!


Day 2: I’m going to just go back to what I was working on in January of 2019 and go from there. Today’s song is from Joey Cape’s latest solo album, Let Me Know When You Give Up. This one is called, I Know How To Run. Most of this album was tracked in another studio but we ended up doing all the guitars and mixing here at Black in Bluhm. I did the mastering as well. It was a challenging project for sure but the album turned out great in the end and I think it’s some of Joey’s best solo songs. Enjoy!


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