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Blogging requires time!

Ok I've been blowing it on updating the blog. I'll do better in 2019. Since my last post it has been crazy around here. I should be all caught up on mixing in early January. I have to thank a couple bands for being patient. First, Dangerous Friends. A rad group of buddies who tracked their album months ago and have been so chill about getting the finished product. It will be worth the wait! Second, The Knew, who are also close friends and studio regs, have been super understanding while waiting on their mix. Normally the turnover for mixes here is pretty quick but it's just been extra nuts around here with projects, deadlines, holidays, house guests and kids! Thanks to everyone who has had to wait a little longer lately.

Anyway that guy invading my personal space in the photo is the one and only Zach Quinn from Fat Records recording artists Pears. He also has a great solo record on One Week Records ( mastered here ). We just cut an album with him, Brian Whalstrom, ( One Week Records, and Gods of Mount Olympus ) and Paul Rucker ( Armchair Martian, Gods of Mount Olympus, and lots of stuff ) . I can't say much about it yet other than this was one of the best collaborations I can remember being a part of and I love those guys. I'm sure they will have some news about it soon. The Bombpops are headed back to the studio soon and we did some very pre pre pre pro when they were in town recently. They should be recording in Spring 2019. I was also working on Joey Cape's mixes for his new solo album to be released on Fat, which turned into Joey coming out to track guitars and stuff for a week. I'll be mixing and mastering that album in January and it's gonna be another great Caper album. As I type this with one hand I'm feeding my 5 month old boy, Rhodes, and thinking about what mics to use on what for my session today with Swindlin Hearts. I'll be in there tracking with them all week and then it's holiday time! The Gamits are playing at the Summit on new years eve and we have a bunch of friends coming into town to party with us. Stoked! Keep on Trackin'!


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