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Day 10 of A Song A Day Keeps The Virus Away

Ok! I just finished organizing linens and now it's time to go back to July of 2019 for today's song. My friend and brilliant multi instrumentalist Lief Sjostrom came it to do some tracking for his latest EP Boyish Dreams of Heroic Deeds. Even though I had nothing to do with the production other than recording his performances best I could and giving thumbs up or thumbs way up, ( rarely down in Lief's case ) I wanted to share this one. Lief has been in my studio many times over the years for different projects. He was one of the go to guys if we needed some cello and his contributions can be heard on lots of Black in Bluhm recordings. He recently moved to the west coast and will be missed around here. This song builds and builds. Here's Kintsugi. Enjoy.


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