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Practice Space Price Slashing!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Hi band friends. We need your help! We have some rooms to fill here or we are gonna have to sell some kidneys. Anyone who reserves a rehearsal space now will enjoy our lowest rent prices of all time! READ ON! The spaces vary in shape, size and in price but all of them are SUPER affordable. We know that we are not the only ones struggling right now and we really don’t enjoy sending out posts like this. As musicians ourselves, we get it. We only wish to break even. So WHY BLACK IN BLUHM? We have a great location on East Colfax in Park Hill. We have 24/7 access. We have dollar beers. We have private parking. We have 100% keyless entry. We have ADA. We have free wifi. We have good security and have never had anything sketchy happen. All rooms are freshly remodeled, clean and ready for you to make your own. We have a killer recording studio should you ever need one. Lastly, Black in Bluhm has been a part of the Denver music scene and beyond for over a decade. We have been the home base to some of Denver's finest bands. We’d like to stick around for a while. Please help by sharing and if you are interested just email for more details and crazy deals.


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