Studio Gear List


Soldano Decatone head

Vox AC50 head

Marshall JCM800 head

Marshall JCM900 head

Orange Dual Terror head

Fender ‘78 Princeton

Peavey Classic 50 head

Orange Bass Terror

1974 Ampeg SVT bass head with 8x10 cab ( pristine )

Several cabs from Marshall, Orange, Kustom,


Gibson Les Paul Studio, ebony

Fender Vintage P-bass MIJ

‘62 Gibson ES-125

‘74 Guild Acoustic

90’s Carvin SC90 custom secret weapon guitar

‘65 Gibson Melody Maker with humbucker mod


Ludwig All American Maple Classic 3 piece shell pack, Atlas Hardware

Lots of snares, toms, kicks to choose from. Our cymbals keep breaking so BYOBrass!


Apogee Symphony

Focusrite Octo Pre Dynamic

Slate VMS1

Joe Meek Twin Q pre/opto compressor/EQ


2 pair Yamaha HS8

1 pair Avantone Mix Cubes

Hearback Headphone Mixers

Lots of headphones

Some old, fancy hi-fi speakers in the big room


Lots of mics from Rode, Sennheiser, Audix, Sure, Cascade, Slate Digital VMS and VMS2 which allow for incredible modeling of every dream mic you can think of from classic tube mics to ribbons.


Logic Pro X

Studio One 4

Too many plugins

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