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Economy Plus to Denver for Hotel Bar

Greetings from the Swiss branch! Fogal here. Everything is fine in Lugano. It’s quite lovely, actually. We are getting in the swing of things and looking forward to another year of living abroad. It’s been great to get back to work after a long summer of travel.

Speaking of work and travel, I’ll be headed back to Denver in October to record one of my favorite bands, Hotel Bar! I love working with these guys and had the pleasure of doing their first two albums.

When they asked if I could come back to track a new batch of songs it was a no-brainer. I love their music. They are great guys who come to the studio super rehearsed and typically record all the meat and potatoes totally live. (No pressure, dudes!) Go listen to the first two albums and you will hear why pulling these songs off live is no easy task. For a recording engineer, it’s some of the most fun you can have. You get to set up, hit record and hear a great band sounding their best. Pure joy. Anyways, since I like to maximize my time in Denver and not sleep ever we also booked a show for Saturday, Oct 22nd. Hotel Bar and Discomfort Creature at the Squire! Don’t miss it!


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