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As close to a real show as you can get right now

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Right before the lockdown we had what may have been the very last live show in Denver. It was our supposed "Grand Reopening Party" and because the word was already out about the pandemic, it was somewhat poorly attended. We pulled it off. No one got sick. Then they shut live music down. We had borrowed the stage from our good friends over at Ratio Beerworks with the intention of giving it right back. As it turns out they wouldn't be needing it for a while. Normally Ratio has shows on the reg and it wasn't long before we were all missing that along with seeing and playing shows in general. Everyone with a guitar by this point had done a live stream, which is great but I got thinking since we have this big recording studio and a stage that maybe we could do something cooler with the help of some smart friends. The idea of a virtual venue started to take shape. High quality sound was my first goal since almost everything I had seen was an Iphone or slightly better. Then my good buddies Jeff Merkel and Tyler Merkel put their brains and gear together to figure out how to broadcast a multi camera feed, live to the world, with the audio coming from my stuff. Then, back to Ratio, we projected the show on the big screen with the sound blasting through their PA. We also had the crowd at Ratio projected back to the studio on our big screen to help make the whole thing feel a little more interactive for the band. It was a great show. Bud Bronson and the Good Timers crushed it. They even played their brand new 18 minute rocker that you won't want to miss. What you see here is exactly how it aired over twitch. No post work on it at all. Check it out if you are hurting for a live show. We would like to do it again but we would love for this pandemic to be over and for all of us to be able to sweat it out together!


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