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Bud Bronson and the Good Timers back in the studio later this week!

I could not be more stoked to get back to work and of course I get to track one of my favorite bands, BBGT! Just when we had finished our year long renovation of the studio and rehearsal spaces the pandemic shut us down. It was a real kick in the dick. It's going to be an uphill climb for us I'm sure. As bands and artists try to navigate this new normal we will all have to adjust. One thing we have going for us is the size of our recording studio. We can socially distance with a full band in here no problem. We're gonna do our best to keep everyone safe and make great sounding productions at the same time. We are also offering our lowest prices ever on new rehearsal space renters so if you are curious about that just shoot us an email. Thanks to the bands who have stuck with us and to the new ones that are giving us a shot!

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