Your project start to finish engineered by Chris Fogal.


Whether you are mixing a project recorded here or from overseas, nothing leaves Black in Bluhm until everyone is happy. Mixes are turned around quickly with no hidden expenses.


Your final mix has to be mastered before distro of any kind. We have tons of experience mastering for vinyl, CD, and for the web.


Want the extra guidance and creative input that goes beyond the already interactive tracking process? From pre production to songwriting to performance and everything in-between we can work together if the shoe fits!

Black In Bluhm Sessions

Check out our Black In Bluhm Sessions with some of your favorite musicians. Some current and past partners include Electra Productions, Ratio Beerworks, Drum City Guitarland, Illegal Pete’s and For the Love of Punk

Orange Amps

Ready to sound like you think you should?